Written scheduling,
calendar-link simplicity

Sundial manages written meeting requests and responses for fast, personalized and error-free scheduling.

Video showing how to use Sundial

Save time writing your availability

In the Sundial panel, click a date and Sundial will convert that day's open times to written text that's ready to paste anywhere.

Sundial's generate written open times feature

Say goodbye to timezone mistakes

Sundial can adjust the written times to any timezone, so you can personalize the text without the hassle of timezone math.

Sundial's timezone adjustment feature

Stop toggling between email and calendar

Sundial understands meeting requests in Gmail and will overlay them on your calendar, auto-adjusted to your timezone.

Sundial's overlay feature

Share specific time slots

Select a time slot on your calendar and click, "Copy time slot". Sundial will add that specific time into the written text.

Sundial's specific time slots feature

Streamlined group scheduling

Add your coworkers' calendars to Google Calendar and click a date. Sundial will consider their events when writing the open times.

Sundial's group scheduling feature

Traditional scheduling made easy

In the age of calendar links, handwritten scheduling embodies humanist values, professional courtesy and timeless etiquette. Set yourself apart with Sundial.