A letter from the founder

Honestly. I love calendar links.

They're simple: You send a link. They book the meeting. It's great. But as an Account Executive, I felt inappropriate using them.

When I used them with clients, I felt I was coming off as lazy, impersonal, or lacking professional courtesy.

Hence, I turned to written scheduling.

It gave me the personal touch I wanted, but it was total a pain. More specifically, typing my availability was a repetitive nuisance and adjusting timezones was always a hassle.

One day, I hit my final straw.

I made three scheduling typos in a row trying to book time with a top client in Bangalore, India.

Yep. That +11:30 time difference sucks.

So, I decided to create Sundial.

Sundial is the Chrome extension that manages your written meeting requests and responses, so you can retain the benefits of traditional scheduling with the convenience of the calendar-link experience.

Since 2022, when I published the first version, I have loved using Sundial. Now, I'm at the point where I can't stand scheduling without it.

I hope Sundial helps you and your team in the same way it's helped me.

All my best,

Founder of Sundial